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With MOMENTEM, I’M NOT A BARISTA is giving a big push to propel the handgrinding industry forward, and to take bigger steps in overhauling the ergonomics of manual grinding for everyone.

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Two-step grinding

Multi-step handgrinder revolutionizes manual grinding tech

MOMENTEM adjustable-crank-arm

Adjustable Crank

The MOMENTEM crank arm is adjustable to fit your body from 13cm to 16cm.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design for the consideration of human factors, faster, better

Built-in sifter

Get the grinds you need and have full control over the micron size of your brew

A beautiful cup of coffee made with all the benefits of two-step grinding without the hassle, and an expanded flavor profile that will change the way you brew forever

Professional baristas and coffee champions have been experimenting with two-step grinding for years and achieved great results in the final cup quality. MOMENTEM comes with two adjustable burr sets, now you can create your own unique grinding profile that revolutionizes your cup of joe.

A complete rehaul of handgrinding design that takes you from A to B in half the time

This is the power of two burr sets – they make it possible to grind twice as fast as single-burr set grinders but the benefits are so much more than that. With two-step grinding, you also will also get more consistent particles. 

Take control of your grinding game with the magnetic catch cup with built-in sifter

Two-step grinding produces more fines, which go on to produce noteworthy differences in the cup sweetness and measurably increases the coffee’s TDS. But brewing with fines can be tricky – that’s why MOMENTEM features a built-in sifter at the base of the magnetic catch cup, so you can get the grinds you need and have full control over the micron size of your brew.