Two-step grinding

The World's First manual coffee grinder with two conical burrs, 38mm and 48mm. The two burr sets make it possible to grind twice as fast as single-burr set grinders but the benefits are so much more than that.

Ergonomic design

By changing the grinding direction to counterclockwise, we not only reduce the wear-and-tear on our shoulders due to repeated movements, but we also make sure our left-handed coffee community isn't left behind on the innovations.

Built-in sifter

There's a built-in sifter at a base of the magnetic catch cup, so you can get the grinds you need and have fun control over the micron size of your brew with exchangeable sifters.

With MOMENTEM, I’M NOT A BARISTA is giving a big push to propel the handgrinding industry forward, and to take bigger steps in overhauling the ergonomics of manual grinding for everyone.

First adjusting ring dial
Second adjusting ring dial

A beautiful cup of coffee made with all the benefits of two-step grinding without the hassle, and an expanded flavor profile that will change the way you brew forever

Professional baristas and coffee champions have been experimenting with two-step grinding for years and achieved great results in the final cup quality. MOMENTEM comes with two adjustable burr sets, now you can create your own unique grinding profile that revolutionizes your cup of joe.

First burr set 38mm
Second burr set 48mm

A complete rehaul of handgrinding design that takes you from A to B in half the time

This is the power of two burr sets – they make it possible to grind twice as fast as single-burr set grinders but the benefits are so much more than that. With two-step grinding, you also will also get more consistent particles. 

Main catchup
Built-in sifter
Fine cathcup
Sifting lid

Magnetic catch up with built-in sifter

Two-step grinding produces more fines, which go on to produce noteworthy differences in the cup sweetness and measurably increases the coffee’s TDS. But brewing with fines can be tricky – that’s why MOMENTEM features a built-in sifter at the base of the magnetic catch cup, so you can get the grinds you need and have full control over the micron size of your brew.


What is the $1 reservation about?

To make sure you don’t miss out on the Super Early Bird 40% off discount, you can reserve your spot for the deal with just $1. This 100% guarantees that you’ll get the option to purchase a MOMETEM grinder with the best discount available later, so don’t miss out! Click here and reserve your spot for the Super Early Bird Deal now.

*Reservations will be through our main website

What burrs are included in the MOMENTEM grinder?

In MOMENTEM’s two-step grinding system, two conical burr sets made from hardened steel are used to grind coffee. The first burr set is 38mm and the second set is 48mm. Both sets can be adjusted with external ring dials. 

What comes in the box?

Each MOMENTEM grinder comes with:

·One MOMENTEM dual-burr hand grinder in the color of your choice
·One set of sifter sieves for the built-in sifter (400, 600, and 800 microns)
·One silicon grip sleeve
·More updates to come! 

What is the project timeline?

We began the MOMENTEM dual burr grinder project in July 2020, after months of research and development. Now we’re finally ready to share what we’ve been up to with you!

We’re currently at the testing stage of MOMENTEM’s second prototype, which is around 95% accurate to the final production version. Once testing has completed, we will officially launch the Indiegogo project campaign.

Does MOMENTEM come with product warranty?

Yes! We offer a 3-year warranty for each MOMENTEM grinder. But as long as you use the product appropriately and clean it often, you won’t need it.

I’M NOT A BARISTA is not a grinder company, can we trust you?

That’s 100% correct. I’M NOT A BARISTA is not a traditional grinder or product design company. We’re a coffee community with a strong mission to empower the people behind the cup. This includes coffee lovers who spend hundreds of hours testing particle distribution and various theories, even if they’re not baristas or coffee professionals. 

Our global community is always providing us with idea inspiration and useful feedback to incorporate into our user-driven design. We are also working with experienced manufacturers to ensure we’re producing the best quality grinder so that all this hard work pays off.

How will you maximize the usage life of the product you’re making?

MOMENTEM is a grinder that’s built to last. Crafted with recyclable CNC aluminum, 6063 aluminum ensures the maximum lifespan of the grinder due to its extreme durability and excellent corrosion resistance.

Both grinding burr sets are made from hardened steel and they’re incredible strong and durable. You’ll be able to grind enough coffee to keep you and your community caffeinated for ages.

Why is MOMENTEM expensive?

To create a new dual-burr manual grinder, we had to rehaul and redesign the entire grinding system – especially when we wanted to include the best grinding performance and fun user experience at the same time. 

The number of components that make up a MOMENTEM grinder is more than double the amount of a traditional handgrinder, because we have two conical burr sets that both have their own independent adjustment systems. High quality burrs are also the most critical part of a grinder and MOMENTEM definitely doesn’t hold back on premium quality standards there.

Once you add all of the other amazing features like the built-in sifter, super-slim aluminum grinder unibody, strong handle piece, and more, you know you’re getting your money’s worth.